Translucent1 01

translucent1 - 01

Builder: translucent1
Forum Post: Finished My Scanner
Material: 80/20 Aluminum
Platen Angle: 90°
Camera Setup: dual
Camera Models: Canon A640, Canon A520

This build was first submitted by translucent1 to our hardware forum on 2010-07-25. It was the first build to make use of 80/20 aluminum. translucent1's stated goal was "to build a machine that's as rigid and precise as possible, with the hope of avoiding any postprocessing steps to correct for rotation, keystoning, etc."


The 80/20 aluminum pieces can be purchased online, as well as the various joining plates. The pieces were cut using a miter saw with 60 tooth carbide blade. Alternatively, you can find pre-cut pieces through places like ebay.

Camera Mounts

The camera mounts are made out of acrylic, cut with a table saw and compound miter to create a 45° angle, and are joined with weld-on solvent and a carpenter's square. They have 2.5" of vertical adjustment by sliding up and down a t-slot 80/20 extrusion.



The cradle is made from medium density fiberboard and can hold a max book dimensions of 12"x10". It has the standard left-to-right movement, and can adjust for book width. It moves left-to-right by several pieces of 1" UMHW Polyethylene U-channel which slides on the 1" 80/20 extrusions, and it expands by a couple of plain bearing drawer slides.



The "lightbox" is created out of medium density fiberboard, and contains 5V power for the cameras and a switch for the lights. The lights themselves are LED spotlights from Ikea, mounted to the lightbox with cable glands.



The platen can be held in a raised position by a small hinged piece, making switching books and adjustments to the cradle easier.

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