CHDK is a key software package in the DIY Book Scanning community. CHDK can make your image '''acquisition''' process much easier and more efficient.

CHDK can be used with single-camera or dual-camera setups.

CHDK has a very active user community of its own at . It is only used with Canon cameras. But be sure to verify that your Canon model is compatible with CHDK: What camera models are supported by the CHDK program?


When using a trigger it sometimes doesn't have the correct timing even when you have the correct CHDK build for your camera. Adjusting the settings can be helpful. As you can read from the following threads.

My USB trigger isn't working for some reason.

CHDK goodies

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CHDK for a2200 together with spreads liveCD.

Start out with your SD Card Lock switch in the unlocked position (the small slide switch on the side of the card) put it into the SD card reader of your PC.

Use the program fat32 format (guiformat in the link) to format the SDcard to fat 32 make sure its not exFAT!

Hold down funcset and pres display once. 1.00 B,C or D. This will display your current firmware version. The liveCD requires CHDK 1.3. Download CHDK 1.3 with the correct firmware version on your camera. With the Card Lock switch still in the unlocked position put the card back into your camera.

Turn on your camera by pressing the Play button (or using the Play switch on some cameras). Do not start the camera with the On/Off switch or this process will not work.

Start CHDK manually by selecting the Firmware Update option in the Canon menus.

After the CHDK logo briefly displays, start CHDK by using the key sequence for your camera. ALT key sequence for a2200 is the playbutton. Enter the CHDK menu, and select Miscellaneous stuff -> SD-card -> Make Card Bootable

Turn your camera off, write protect the SD card by moving the little switch on the side of the card to the locked position, insert the card back into your camera.
Note that CHDK will cause the camera to ignore the lock switch so that you can take pictures normally.

Download CHDK, formatting program and liveCD

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